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BWK GS98 Equipment
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BWK GS98 Equipment

Brunswick’s GS98 Pinsetter is one of the most efficient and user-friendly systems in the bowling industry.

The complete Brunswick GS98 Pinsetter set consists of 18 pieces.

Brunswick introduced the GS98 Pinsetter in 1997. It is the bowling equipment system released just before the Brunswick GS-X, which is considered to be the best bowling alley system in the world.

The Brunswick GS98 bowling machine is controlled and operated by a consolidated electronic system which uses a two control box system to reduce the number of printed circuit boards needed to operate the pinsetter.

Also, software and hardware improvements have made the Brunswick GS98 Pinsetter more efficient and user friendly.

Brunswick GS98 and GS-X Pinsetters have fewer moving parts that are susceptible to wearing out or failing than competitors' models. The Brunswick G-98 is designed to handle pins gently, so they don’t have to be replaced as often. That means less pin nicks, gouges or other damage with every game.

Pinsetters in the Brunswick bowling GS series are characterized by a sweep that rotates downward (as opposed to dropping) as soon as the ball enters the pin deck.

Brunswick bowling equipment has not only stable mechanical capacity, but it is also the most popular bowling equipment around the world. Among all the bowling alley equipment brands, Brunswick's failure rate is the lowest.

When we purchased used Brunswick bowling alley equipment from bowling centers, these bowling equipment and bowling lanes are still in good condition. After reconditioning work, these refurbished bowling equipment with new bowling lanes are best choice for bowling center investors because of their reliable quality.

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