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Brunswick GS-X Bowling Equipment
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Brunswick GS-X Bowling Equipment


Technial Features:

NexGen Electronics - includes low voltage and high voltage machine control and LCD diagnostic display for faster troubleshooting.

Brunswick Nextgen control box

Setting Table - Internal pin detector for near-perfect pin count -even under cosmic lighting conditions. No cameras required.

Standard dual-light fixture - allows pin decks to change instantly from regular to cosmic lighting. Includes black light and white light with remote controller and cable.

Setting Table Pin Holder - Each pin holder is individually controlled by a 24 volt solenoid.

Installation - Partial shut down in-season installation can be completed.

Ball Accelerator - Side door exit, with no lifting of bowling ball to assure fast and trouble free ball return to the bowler. Operated by 1/2 hp self enclosed motor and driving drum to return the ball at an effective 11 mph.

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