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Brunswick GS-X Equipment
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Brunswick GS-X Equipment


The Brunswick GS-X™ pinsetter raises performance and reliability levels while lowering costs for energy, parts, and maintenance to provide you with a faster return on your investment. Brunswick’s years of experience, advanced engineering, and integration of new technology have made the GS-X the industry’s premier pinsetter.

GS-X Features:

Reliability & Performance – contribute to bowler satisfaction and improved center maintenance efficiencies

Quality – the necessary assurance provided by an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility

Engineering – engineered with the customer in mind – power and cost-driven, utilizing state-of- the-art materials

Innovation –Next Generation (NexGen) Electronics with diagnostics, easy-to-use display codes, energy efficient operation - all features and benefits driven by our valued customer

Support – service parts, warranty, 24/7 support, knowledgeable product specialists, world-class Brunswick distributors, product training, worldwide seminars – serving all of your needs

Heritage – the first GS® Series pinsetter was developed over 20 years ago.

The innovative pre-load/double-load system improves pinsetter performance through superior reliability and quicker response during strike cycles. Fewer stops and trouble calls contribute to bowler satisfaction and improve your center’s maintenance efficiency.

The Brunswick GS-X pinsetter has the cycle capacity to keep well ahead of any possible demand your center might encounter. It ensures your customers’ satisfaction and that translates into greater profitability.

When we purchased used Brunswick bowling alley equipment from bowling centers, these Brunswick GS-X bowling equipment and bowling lanes are still in good condition. After reconditioning work, these refurbished bowling equipment with new bowling lanes are most cost-effective for bowling center investors because of their reliable quality.

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