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Bumper System
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Bumper System


Bumper lane is a new game in bowling sports which is very popular in Japan and America.

Usually, the bowling equipment in bowling center mostly provide the exercise and amusements for adult except for children, but there are some olds and children we did not take them into account. The old and children often throw the ball into gutter because of their strength, which make them can’t find the amusements of beating pins.

Now the bumper lanes we are talking about, not only have met all the demands from all the age sections, but also increase the profits at the same time for the bowling center. Furthermore, the cost of bumper lanes is less much than the normal bowling lanes.

Adding the bumper lanes into the constructed bowling center will not affect the existing lanes, machines and so on. Furthermore, installing the bumpers based on the existing lanes will not affect the center’s business, installing one bumper only takes about one day. Bumper lanes are the one which cost little but earn much!

Bumper lane is the lane where there is a rail between the lanes and the gutters, it makes use of the aerodynamics to let it up and down freely. Bumper’s installation cost little time and be very convenient, operating bumpers will be very easy.

Main accessories are gutters, protecting bars, cylinder, electromagnetism valves, pneumatic switches, jiggling switches, connecting bars, screws and metal connecting devices etc.

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