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GS98 Bowling Equipment
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GS98 Bowling Equipment


In 1997, Brunswick introduced the GS-98 Pinsetter which was controlled and operated by a new consolidated electronic system that uses a two control box system to reduce the number of printed circuit boards needed to operate the pinsetter. Also, software and hardware improvements have made the Brunswick GS-98 pinsetter more efficient and user friendly.

When we purchased used Brunswick GS98 bowling equipment from bowling centers closed in Chinese market, these bowling center package equipment are still in very good working condition, such as bowling machines, synthetic lanes, scoring system, etc. We take them back to our factory and our technicians do reconditioning work on these bowling machines and bowling lanes. These refurbished Brunswick bowling equipment with new glow synthetic lanes, new gutter, new capping, new Frameworx or Vector scoring hardware, new bowling furniture and bowling pins, shoes, balls etc will become the most cost effective bowling alley equipment for bowling equipment buyers. Moreover, with our professional installation service, the bowling center investor will be satisfied with our bowling equipment quality, after-sale service and will get profit from running their bowling center business.

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