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Management System
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Management System


The bowling center management system consists of one or more computers located at the control desk and as needed various other locations around the bowling center. The main function of bowling center management system is to provide the bowling center personnel convenient control of the scoring system and bowling alley lanes from the control desk as well as point-of-sale (POS) terminals for other areas of the bowling center.

The control desk is available in two configurations; Vector and Vector Plus. The Vector Control system includes a high speed computer, complete with a keyboard, mouse, display monitor and printer. The computer provides the bowling center the ability to control bowling activity from a remote location, keep track of the financial transactions, and manage league and tournaments. Additional optional computers can be connected to the system as needed.

Like the Vector system, Vector Plus consists of one or more computers and POS assemblies located at the control desk, and in some cases, a computer in the office. The Vector Plus also provides the bowling center personnel convenient control of the scoring system while keeping track of the financial transactions and bowling activity in the center. In addition it allows the center additional security control for the system as well as an advance tracking of activity.

Check more features of Vector Plus management system from this web link:

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