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Brunswick pinsetters have long set the standard for performance and reliability. Brunswick GSX bowling equipment is the advanced version for center investors.

Brunswick Bowling Equipment
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The Brunswick GS-X bowling equipment raises performance and reliability levels while lowering costs for energy, parts, and maintenance to provide you with a faster return on your investment. Brunswick’s years of experience, advanced engineering, and integration of new technology have made the GS-X bowling pinsetter the industry’s premier bowling pinsetter. 

A bowling equipment or bowling lane has many different parts and each has different purposes. We keep dozens of center package bowling equipment for sale in stock.

Synthetic Lane. The bowling lane itself is the most important part because it’s where the game takes place. The bowling synthetic lane we supply is 12.7mm thickness and USBC standard. Natural maple image provides a bright, light, attractive appearance and full-lane-plus-approach glow effect for an unbeatable Cosmic Bowling® experience. The bowling lane be customized with lane graphics or your bowling center logo to market your center in an innovative way.

Capping. The double and single capping are constructed of high-strength PVC, which provide easy access to ball return tracks without tools. Now both glow and non-glow are available.

Pinsetter. The innovative pre-load/double-load system improves GSX pinsetter performance through superior reliability and quicker response during strike cycles. Fewer stops and trouble calls contribute to bowler satisfaction and improve your bowling center’s maintenance efficiency.

The Brunswick GS-X pinsetter has the cycle capacity to keep well ahead of any possible demand your center might encounter. It ensures your customers’ satisfaction and that translates into greater profitability.

Ball Returns. Feature permanent lubricated positive-lift elevators to keep the game moving. Hold up to 12 balls each. Include integrated reset buttons and hand dryers.

Scoring. An integrated management and scoring system that gives you the ultimate control of your business while providing the optimum experience for your bowling center customers.

Masking. Masking Units span every two lanes and cover adjacent pinsetters. Long-lasting accurate color that will stay that way for years. Improved print quality with higher resolution ensures the printed bowling masking image is representative of the actual artwork.

Bowling Pins, Shoes, Balls. USBC standard or approved products are durable, comfortable will ensure bowlers have great bowling game experience.

The used Brunswick bowling pinsetter are professionally reconditioned to ensure it brings great bowling game experience to bowlers. Other items in the bowling alley equipment are new such as bowling synthetic lane, gutter, capping and scoring system. Our aim is to help investors get ideal cost effective and high performance bowling lane package for the bowling project.

Whether you’re modernizing an existing bowling center or building a brand-new one, Xiangshuo Technology offers every major system and type of bowling equipment you need. Our complete line of top-performing bowling products ranges from Vector Center Network System—the smartest center management system in the game—to the latest model of our legendary and reliable GS series bowling pinsetters to higher-scoring/longerlasting bowling synthetic lanes to the very latest styles in bowling center furnishings. With this comprehensive line, you can literally outfit your center from wall to wall with our bowling lane products, knowing that everything will work together seamlessly and that your investment will pay back handsome returns year after year.

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Pre:GS98 EQUIPMENT     Next:82-90XL
Synthetic Lane:Glow, USBC Standard
Scoring System:Vector / Sync
Bowling Pin:USBC approved
Bowling Ball:Urethane, USBC Standard
Bowling Shoes:Genuine Leather

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