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Bowling Alley Installation

Our bowling alley installation technicians have many years of experience at various facilities around the world. Knowledge of the features of bowling equipment, possession of practical skills and installation techniques ensure the bowling alley installation work of the highest quality. Qualitatively executed installation work is the main condition for a long and faultless work of the entertainment center.

Before proceeding with the installation of bowling equipment, it is necessary to prepare the premises in accordance with the basic technical and organizational requirements that must be met when building or renovating a bowling alley. Requirements are common for premises designed for any number of bowling lanes. To get acquainted with the recommendations for preparing a bowling alley, customers can consult us by sending email or call us directly.

So, the room is ready, the equipment is in place, then you can proceed with installation. Any installation begins with marking. The quality of the installation depends on the correct marking. Having marked the room, the technicians begin to install the base of the lane, after the pinspotters are exposed and then the synthetic lanes are already laid down. Once the pinspotters have been installed, you can start assembling them and training the center’s bowling mechanics. In parallel with the assembly of cars, the bowling alleys are aligned and fixed. When the assembly of pinspotters is over, the scoring system turns on. Bowling scoring system is the eyes and the nervous system of the bowling center. During the installation of scoring system components, technicians train the center mechanics basic skills in diagnosing equipment malfunctions and methods for their elimination. At the final stage of installation, installation of monitors, player terminals in the players' recreation area, tables and seats, installation and configuration of the central rack at the reception ( if included ). Upon completion of installation and commissioning, our technicians will conduct training for your bowling center staff.

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