How long it will take to recover the investment on a bowling center?
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How long it will take to recover the investment on a bowling center?

Currently there are thousands of bowling centers around the world. Let us take a bowling center in Beijing, China as example (a small bowling center with 4 lanes bowling alley).

When we evaluate a country or a city’s living level, we can consider two main indicators: GDP Per Capita and Engel’s Coefficient. In 2015, Chinese Engel’s Coefficient is 30.6% and Beijing’s GDP Per Capita is 10500 USD. (You can evaluate your city’s living level according to your city’s GDP Per Capita and local Engel’s Coefficient)

In Beijing, bowling game popularity is normal (Bowling sports in Beijing is not prosperous in recent couple of years). The following is analysis of a 4 lanes bowling center’s investment recovery.




Bowing Alley


Play Hours Utilization Ratio

Power requirement       

(0.15USD per KWH)

Gross Income




4 4 40% 4*4*40%*4KW*0.15=3.84 76.8
12:00-18:00 19 6 60% 4*6*60%*4KW*0.15=8.64 273.6
18:00-24:00 32 6 80% 4*6*80%*4KW*0.15=11.52 614.4
24:00-2:00 40 2 30% 4*2*30%*4KW*0.15=1.44 96
25.44 1060

Remark: One hour can play 5 to 6 bowling games.

The bowling alleys are available for 24 days in every month, the other 6 days are for employee holiday and bowling center maintenance time.

Each month gross Income will be (1060-26 (Power cost))*24=24816 USD.

A 4 lanes bowling center would need 3 employees.

1 waitress’s salary is 320 USD per month.

1 cleaner’s salary is 290 USD per month.

1 chief technician’s salary is 700 USD per month.

Bowling lane oil and cleaner: 1 gallon one day. 11 USD. One month 330 USD.

Rents: 0.7USD per square meter per day (Shopping Mall). 4 lanes bowling center need 220 square meters. 0.7*30*220=4620 USD per month.

Bowling Center every month’s net Income is 24816-4620-320-290-700-330 =18556 USD.

Remark: There are also income from renting shoes, snap food and beverage etc.

Moreover, in the very beginning the bowling center’s business may not so good, thus let’s take the income as half, then the income shall be 18556/2=9278 USD.

It means you can recover the investment on a 4 lanes bowling center within 6 to 8 month.


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