Preliminary Planning Considerations
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Preliminary Planning Considerations

The following factors are important in planning a bowling center.

1. Property size, location, and zoning.
2. New or existing building.
3. Parking requirements, including requirements for the handicapped.
4. Allied business and local ordinances in force governing such businesses as follows:
a. Liquor service
b. Food service
c. Game room/coin-operated rooms
d. Meeting, banquet, and entertainment rooms
f. Other sport and recreational facilities
g. Retail and sale of bowling/ sporting goods
5. Facilities for the handicapped.
6. Ground preparation below concrete.
7. Foundation material treatment requirements.
8. Provisions for computerized management system.
9. Energy management.
10. Interior climate control.
11. Sound/noise restrictions.
12. Security.
13. Planning for future expansion.

Because a bowling center is a permanent building, its location on a parcel of property merits intensive study. Consider the following before buying land:

1. Zoning of land restricting commercial business or parking.

2. Nearby church or school building restricting the traffic or sale of alcoholic beverages.

3. Maximum future expansion.

4. Drainage requirements, location of sanitary and storm sewer lines and public utilities.

5. Maximum visibility of building from street, i.e., obstructing location of buildings, railroad overpasses, trees, signs, etc., in line of sight.

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