Preparation Before Installation Work
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Preparation Before Installation Work

Preparation of the bowling alley.

The room must be completely closed and waterproof. The concrete base of the floor must be laid for a period sufficient to dry it (at least 4-5 weeks before the installation of the tracks). All works connected with the laying of heat and water pipelines within the perimeter of the "bowling zone" must also be completed (including concrete works) before the start of the installation of the bowling tracks. To install the pendant monitors, you must leave free access to the beam for the entire installation time of the bowling equipment.

Working area of installation.

The working installation area includes the entire track area and engine room - from one side wall to the opposite side wall and from the rear wall (engine room) to the reference line (concrete step - "edge of the podium"), as well as the player's recreation area and the competition area. Access to these places during installation should be limited to everyone, except for the Contractor's specialists . The customer must take measures to protect the working area and the storage location of materials and equipment for bowling. The Contractor is not liable for any damage to the equipment and reserves the right to demand compensation for repair costs, if necessary. To store tools for installation during installation, it is necessary to provide a reliable room located in the immediate vicinity of the installation site. This room is provided for exclusive use by the team of the Contractor's specialists to ensure complete safety of the equipment. Also in the bowling room, it is necessary to provide a functioning toilet room. It is recommended that temporary barriers be established between the bowling area and the rest of the area, which will be the boundary and ensure the protection of equipment.

Other jobs.

All construction work within the working area of installation, as well as in close proximity to it, must be completed before the start of installation of bowling equipment, or postponed for the period of installation in order to avoid any conflicts, interruptions and breaks in the installation of bowling equipment. This means the installation of any heat ventilation or air-conditioning boxes, the laying of electrical wires and installation of fixtures, the installation of a suspended wall, ceiling grilles, ceiling slabs, etc. above the bowling lanes and in the engine room. The flooring of linoleum or carpet in the recreation area of players and in the competitive zone can be performed simultaneously with the works on assembling bowling, but only by prior arrangement with the specialists of the Contractor .

Lifting equipment and unloading.

Unloading and relocation of bowling equipment to the installation site is carried out by the Customer under the supervision of the representative of the Contractor . The customer must prepare in advance the necessary means for unloading and moving the equipment into the bowling installation area, for example, cranes, forklift, a hydraulic pallet truck with a load capacity of at least 2000 kg and working personnel. Also, for the entire installation time, a hydraulic cart with a load capacity of at least 2000 kg and working personnel (8 - 10 persons), which may be required for on-site assistance in the installation of equipment, must be provided. For the introduction of equipment into the bowling hall, it is necessary to provide an opening of 2200x2200mm.

Note: For installation of suspended monitors, scaffolds or flooring will be required, which must be provided by the Customer at the request of the Contractor's specialists.

Electricity and lighting for the period of installation of bowling.

A sufficient amount of electricity is needed to ensure the uninterrupted operation of equipment and power tools in order to avoid any interruptions or delays in the installation program. In case of undesirable delays, the Contractor has the right to demand additional payment for idle times of the team. Characteristics of the electric network: 220 volts, 50 hertz (including 3-phase voltage, to ensure the operation of powerful cyclical machines in the case of installing tracks from wood). Lighting within the working area should be ensured from the very beginning of the installation work. Electricity and lighting required for the installation and subsequent technological run of equipment must be ensured without interruption.

Storage of equipment.

During installation, equipment and materials should be stored in the recreation area and the competition area, and in the event of a shortage of space in the area adjacent to these areas .

Do not place the equipment directly in the track area (note this when unloading).

There is also a need to ensure the safety of the Customer's property directly (balls, removable shoes, skittles, as well as spare parts and consumables). This property can be stored separately from bowling equipment.


As the Contractor's personnel are responsible for the cleanliness of the site within the work area, the Customer must provide a sufficient number of containers and / or garbage cans to transport a large number of packaging cartons, wood scraps, dust and other wastes that appear during the installation of bowling equipment. Garbage removal is carried out at the expense of the Customer .

Access to the site for technical personnel of the Contractor.

The Contractor's personnel must have unlimited access to the site during the entire period of installation of the bowling. It may take 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

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