Xiangshuo owns a bowling factory covering 3,000 square meters, in which there are bowling equipment from main bowling manufacturers, AMF and Brunswick. To bring more benefit and save cost to bowling investors, Xiangshuo has strict control on bowling capital equipment from sourcing to finished bowling center packages.

We take your concerns as our concerns. Either concerning bowling center’s energy saving, labor saving or finance budget, the comprehensive bowling products and service from Xiangshuo will help you get pay back from investment month by month.

Xiangshuo’s Technicians have already obtained 15+ years experience in Chinese domestic bowling industry. Being proficient in bowling machine knowledge, maintenance and repair work, our technicians and teams already obtained a stable foundation to step out for oversea market.

Team Spirit
Bowling center construction is team work. We bear this in mind and put it in action from the very beginning. Coordinating on production work, function testing, installation and after-sale service, the team spirit goes throughout all the procedure of sales and service.

Rest your heart on center maintenance and after-sale service. We know clearly about the feeling on machine’s frequent breakdown. Enough spare parts and long enough warranty for lanes and bowling capital equipment will peace your mind on bowling center management.

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