①I:what is your major?

    A:Our major is supplying bowling equipoment and providing installation service.

    ②I:Which type bowling equipment do you supply?

    A:We supply standard size bowling equipment and mini size bowling equipment. There are two types standard size bowling equipment, one is free fall bowling equipment and the other is string bowling equipment.

    ③I:Is the equipment guaranteed?

    A:Yes, we provide one year’s warranty for bowling machine, three years’ warranty for scoring system and synthetic lanes.

    ④I:Can you advise me on the architectural, technical, commercial and financial aspects involved?

    A:Yes, we look after your project from start to finish.

    ⑤I:How about the installation term?

    A:Generally Installation work could be completed by two or three technicians. These technicians round flight tickets, diet and accommodation are responsible by client's side.   

   ⑥I:Is a bowling centre a viable business proposition?

    A:Yes, a centre generates profits of 20% to 30% on average (based on the ratio between turnover and running costs), not including borrowing costs.

   ⑦I:What are the costs in terms of human resources?

   A: These do not exceed 30% of total turnover

   ⑧I:How can I be sure that a particular location will be profitable?

   A: We carry out a feasibility study for you beforehand.

   ⑨I:Is a bowling centre difficult to maintain?

   A:Maintenance is provided by a technician following specifications provided when the equipment is supplied.

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