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AMF Bowling Equipment
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AMF 82-90XL Pinspotter Features

The AMF 82-90XL bowling equipment has become one of the worlds most popular bowling pinspotters manufactured to date. It’s reliable, quiet and energy efficient. This primarily electronic machine has one chassis per pair reducing the cost of parts inventory while adding some slick features to bowling pinspotter operations and faster cycle time’s.

Automatic pinspotting has come a long, long way since AMF unveiled its 2-ton, 6000-part, 9-foot-tall pinspotters in 1946. Today's AMF bowling machines are smaller, simpler, faster, quieter and more reliable. Vastly so. There are fewer parts to go wrong and fewer spare parts to inventory. Troubleshooting and repair are dramatically easier. 

The AMF 82-90XL is precision engineered to higher standards. The 90XL delivers at least 20% more games per hour than competitive machines. That speed translates directly to increased capacity and revenue for your bowling center. It uses almost half the moving parts of our closest competitor. This translates to the highest level of reliability in the industry. 

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