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Blue Diamond Glow Lane
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Blue Diamond Glow Lane

Bowling synthetic lane is made of decorative paper and overlay impregnated with 50% melamine resin, and multi-layer brown kraft paper impregnated with 30% phenolic resin. After that, the steel plate was pressed under the conditions of high temperature (150 degrees) and high pressure (80 kgf/cm2). The material has no toxic or side effects after being cured at a high temperature.

The lane surface abrasion resistance reaches 15,000 rpm, which makes it highly resistant, highly scratch-resistant, resistant to high temperatures, good in mechanical properties, and resistant to radiation. It is sturdy, impact-resistant, waterproof, and moisture-resistant. It is the best choice for today's bowling alleys, with clear lane markings, standardized logos, precise dimensions and never fade.

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