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Bowling Ball Ramp
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Bowling Ball Ramp


Our bowling ball ramp is one piece molded plastic ramp, it is designed for children and disabled people. The bowling ball ramp is durable and can be used while sitting or standing. Simply position the bowling ramp at the foul line of the bowling lane, place your bowling ball on the top and give it a little push to score the perfect strike.

Why Place Bowling Ramps in Your Bowling Center:

1) Bowling Ball Ramps are Necessary for Some Special Bowlers
2) Dragon Bowling Ramps are Cute Design and Different Colors Availalbe
3) Play Bowling Games with Bowling Ramp Interests Kids to Play More Game and Increase Their Confidence to Score Better
4) Increase bowling centers' revenue
5) Dragon Bowling Ramps bring more fun and excitement to bowlers
6) Bowling Ramps are fantastic for Birthday Parties and Family Entertainment
7) Dragon Bowling Ball Ramps bring non-stop bowling games experience to kids
8) Dragon Bowling Ramps are safer and more durable than the metal bowling ramps

Dimension: Length 100cm,Width 40cm,Height 58cm

Weight: 6.5KG

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