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Standard Projector Bowling Equipment
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Standard Projector Bowling Equipment


Projector bowling equipment adopts commercial projector, which can work continuously, to project image of bowling pin that is completely the same as the lane width to a separated receiver. Lane’s forepart of the receiver is equipped with haptic device that can set color, weight, speed, position, moving track instantly passed to an impact engine for real- time operation, enabling the receiver to display the real physics impact process synchronously and complete the actions of pin setting and pin sweeping that are completely consistent with the real pinsetter. Scoring system will display accurate scoring on ground console and overhead LED monitor.

House decoration and pipelines placeholder of projector bowling equipment are exactly the same with traditional bowling equipment.

Intelligent electronic bowling program, identifying and projection receiver system have advantages of long service life, accurate and rapid identifying, smooth and lifelike actions of pin setting and sweeping, reasonable structure design, surface wear-resisting and easy cleanness as well as durable in use, etc.

The projector bowling equipment has several patent and software copyright, it features reliable quality parts, trouble free, low power consumption, stable design, no maintenance cost, multiple colors bowling pin & balls available etc. These are the bowling center owners’ first choice!

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